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February - 16 - 2010

Well hubby was bad over the weekend and had to be punished. I was shocked on Saturday when he approached me to tell me that he had cum without permission. Apparently it was this site’s fault, which I find pretty amusing actually. He had come on here and was looking at the photos I posted of my online bitches, as well as exploring some of the hot cuckold links I’ve put up and he could not contain himself. At least he was a good boy about telling me, but regardless, a punishment was in order.

I had two of my girlfriends come over, who love to torture him with what he will never have. They tease and torment him but these two have never been involved in a punishment session before, and have never seen his pathetic under-endowment. They are both stunningly gorgeous, tall, slim, perfect bodies. One dark hair, one blonde- and with me a redhead what more could a guy ask for then our triple threat! One with nice 32 C’s like myself, the other has huge natural DD’s. Hubby has a bit of a large tit fetish so she is perfect to help in humiliating him. They were dressed hot as hell too, showing off their perfect bodies and those massive tits. With their heels on they were towering over hubby as was I- we were all around 6 feet with the 4-5 inch heels and hubby is a diminutive 5’5″. The girls were excited and we quickly devised a plan for him.

We had Tyrell come over as well, and if you recall from previous postings he is a massive 10 inches, nice and thick. He is also the most dominant of my lovers, and loves to be especially verbal to hubby, letting him know exactly what he thinks about the little dicked bitch. Muscular and 6’4″, it is a sight to see him next to hubby.

We called hubby into the room and asked him to explain to us all why he was there. He blubbered out about how sorry he was and I let him know he was certainly *going* to be sorry! He knew I was royally pissed this time, and could tell from my evil grin that he was really gonna get it this time. I could see him getting more and more nervous. I ordered him to strip down completely in front of us. His cheeks immediately got red at the embarrassment of my girlfriends seeing his little clitty. He looked up at me with pleading eyes, and was met with my ‘don’t you dare fuck with me’ look and immediately stripped down. As embarrassed as he was his little clit dick was hard as a rock, and my girlfriends started laughing hysterically. He looked so humiliated he could cry but I could see his tiny pecker growing as they laughed at him.

I called him over to stand next to Tyrell. Ty had this gorgeous little smirk on his face and told my husband how pathetic he looked with his tiny little cock and balls hanging out for all to see. He then pulled his pants down and just stood there, showing the girls what a difference there was between his manly black cock and hubby’s pathetic white one. The girls were dying over the fact that hubby’s hard as a rock little pecker was still smaller then Ty’s soft dick. My one friend exclaimed how she would love to see how they compare with Ty hard, and I could see hubby getting excited about the prospect of sucking for them, but this was punishment after all! He wasn’t going to get that pleasure without some pain as well.

I decided we would let him suck Tyrell- but first he would get spanked and whipped by all of us. I went into the other room and brought out a selection of paddles, cat o’ nine tails, and riding crops. I had one girlfriend sit in a chair and ordered him over her lap. You could see how absolutely mortified he was that he had to lay on her lap with that hard little dick of his poking between her bare legs. Of course this was also turning him on immensely, and I assured him if he came there would be hell to pay! She started with the riding crop, little sharp swings at each cheek, barely making him cry out. Soon enough though she got into it and was really smacking him with them, harder and harder. Little red crop marks were raising on his ass and each strike was causing his dick to rub between those legs- I reiterated that if he came, not only would he NOT get to suck Ty but he would be punished more severely then ever. He cried that he would try but he wasn’t sure he could help it- I told him that’s not my problem and he damn well better! I then handed her the paddle.

She slammed it down on his ass and he cried out, loud. He always tolerates whipping better then spankings for some reason. She paddled him a few more times while we all laughed at his cries. My other girlfriend decided she wanted to find out what worse punishment I had in store for him if he came, so she came around in front of him and got down on her knees- pushing those massive DD’s into his face. As the paddle struck his ass again and again, she pushed them right into his face with an evil grin- and his little cock exploded between my friends legs! I immediately started screaming about what trouble he was in, and telling him how much he was going to regret it. My girlfriends of course were laughing hysterically and Ty was just standing there with a shit eating grin on his face. Hubby was crying about how he couldn’t help it, but he knew nothing would change my mind. I ordered him down to the floor to clean up the cum with his tongue, while my girlfriends told him how disgusting that was. He licked up every drop, then sat on his knees, his eyes down at the floor, terrified of what I had planned next for him.

Bet you’re dying to find out what that was… well I’ve given you too much as it is, you’ll have to call for the rest cucky- talk to you soon ;)

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6 Responses to “Cuckold husband’s humiliating punishment”

  1. sissycuck4u says:

    goddess you are so amazing i can only imagine the things you must have don e to him my tiny 3 inches is throbbing thinking about being hiim for that punishment. i am at work and cant call but i will be calling you later to hear more my queen my goddess.

  2. Bianca says:

    HAHA I had to come on your site to see exactly what got him in so much trouble. You tell it good girlfriend but nothing can capture the feel of being there and experiencing his mortification full out! Can’t wait for the next time he needs ‘punishment’. And methinks you may even be jealous of these tits…. hehe.

  3. Melinda says:

    Hey B :) Ha, I’m not jealous of your tits, but you know how I love them ;) And I’ve already gotten several calls today asking what we did to him after I left off above- suffice it to say the little cucks who called are quite pleased, and were begging for more! Glad you like the site, I’ll catch up with ya tomorrow, we should go shopping!

  4. PornLuvR says:

    Hey This is some awesome topic you should add some Nude Porn too hehe

  5. Freddie Buemi says:

    Amazing story!

    I am going to add your blog to my list!

    I will call you soon when I hav some money Goddess!

  6. Guest says:

    Great post. Maybe you could do a follow up article about this? I can’t wait to hear more details about his future punishments please.

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