Cuckolding Goddess Melinda

Cuckold Phone sex with a Real Hot Wife & Size Queen

September - 2 - 2010

Hello there, this is Melinda’s pathetic sissy of a husband. She has ordered me to come on here and tell the world about myself as a humiliating punishment for not finishing my proper duties as her houseboy husband. I am ashamed to say that my penis is too small for her. Even if it were big enough she tells me it would still never please her because a sissy like me wouldn’t know what to do with it. As it is she would never feel it and so I am never allowed to fuck her, ever. Instead she has big studs come in who can fuck her like a Goddess like her deserves. I love that she has found such very well endowed MEN to please her. They are black and very large, much larger then my little clitty. I am forced to watch as they please her in every way I can’t. Of course forced isn’t accurate anymore. In the beginning it was by force but now I love the site of her being pleasured in ways I couldn’t imagine accomplishing. It is so amazing to see her take a Real MAN inside of her. I love to watch it and I love how she humiliates me about it as they fuck her, telling me how it feels and how I will never experience it with her. It hurts sometimes but it still arouses me.

Not only did she want me to tell you about being a cuckold, but I am to admit to everyone that I am also a sissy cocksucker. She fed me my first cock and ever since the first one I have had cock after cock. She says she always knew I was a sissy and that I would love sucking cock for her, and she was right. Goddess is always right about everything, I know this now. I sometimes tell her that I don’t want to suck cock anymore but she knows I’m lying, she will just tease me about it and watch as my mouth says no but my little clit dick gets hard and swollen thinking about a black cock in my mouth. She says the dick never lies and she is right of course.

Well that is all she told me to tell you, I hope you enjoy knowing this about me and also knowing that I am redfaced and humiliated while writing it, and that worse punishment from her is to come tonight. She hasn’t told me what yet but my little dick is shivering in excitement and fear. I’m sure it will be painful but that the pain and the shame will feel so good. She may even tell you about it as she knows how humiliating and yet exciting that is to me too.

I love my perfect Cuckoldress & Wife, Goddess Melinda- she is my everything, my Queen and the most perfect most feminine Goddess throughout all eternity. I will serve her forever, my life is only for her.

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