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May - 8 - 2010

Flirt Phonesex Jackathon

Sissy Masturbation Assignments for you- if you’re a good cuck you will do ALL of them- remember the goal is to masturbate as much as humanly possible for the National Masturbation month of May!! You will of course think about your Goddess the entire time, and if I’m logged on for calls you will CALL ME while you do them! And if you’re a REALLY good boy, you will clean up your mess afterwards… you know what I mean!

Most of these assignments involve anal- deal with it. If you haven’t tried it yet, what better time then Masturbation Month? Also any of these can be adjusted if you have toys to use- use your dildos and vibrators in your ass AND mouth, just as if it was my well hung boyfriends using you. If you don’t have toys, get creative- household objects such as brush handles, fruits and veggies- you get the idea!

For Sissies and Cucks:

Masturbation Assignment #1-

Must have a detachable showerhead for this one. Take the detachable showerhead off its holder and get in a squatting position in the shower or tub. Put the showerhead under your legs so the water stream hits your anus. If it is adjustable, adjust to the one that feels best, probably the hardest spray. Then with your other hand, jack off with lube.

Assignment #2

Must have: Ice Cubes. Try to make sure they don’t have sharp edges, we don’t need any ER visits. Find a place where you can make a bit of a mess, as the ice will obviously melt. First use cubes around your anus and numb it up. As it becomes numb start slipping them inside… as many as you dare ;) The feeling is incredible as the coldness numbs you, and as they melt and the water runs out… Jerk at will!!

Assignment #3

Lube up your hands, dick, balls, and ass. Find anything you can to fuck that ass with, toys, household objects, etc. Spread your legs and with your left hand “tickle” your balls and play with them while the other jacks in an unusual way. Instead of stroking up and down, with fingers lubed, use the tips of your fingers to “twist” the head of your cock like you are opening a soda bottle. Alternate between tickling your balls (squeezing for you pain lovers!) and fucking your ass. Keep twisting your cock head til you blow.

Humiliating masturbation assignments for Losers:

Assignment #1

Take some clothes and fill them up with other clothes like making a scarecrow. Then lay it on your bed put your hand where her crotch is and hump away. It’s the closest you’ll get to fucking a real woman LOL.

Assignment #2

Hump that pillow bitchboy! On the bed, on the floor, in the closet, go at it wherever you can. And when you shoot a nice load in it, you will lick it all up like a good boy.

Assignment #3

Use coldcuts- (liverwurst, salami, something thick wont fall apart is recommended), wrap it around your cock and jerk jerk jerk away… fuck your ass with some household object, or perhaps a cucumber, banana.. you get the idea. When you cum you will make sure to get it ON the coldcut, and you will then eat it :)

These are collected from guys around the web, I do NOT take credit for them in any way. Enjoy!

2 Responses to “Sissy Masturbation Assignments for National Masturbation Month!!”

  1. Garry - lilcucksucker says:

    I see they are including food here…I once cut a hole in a cantalope, used it…and then ate it the next day at work for lunch

  2. aussiesub says:

    Fantastic assingments! I definitely love #2 but will do them all for you as you request. I am also signing yup for your rss feed so I can be notified whenever a new post has been made. I have subscribed to your rss feed and will do any other assingments you post.

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